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Pet Loss

On July 18th, 2012, the staff of Pioneer Animal Hospital left the comforts of their quaint abode and embarked on a journey all the way to...  the Senior Fair at South Bridge Mall. Loading up their own pets, 3 dogs, 2 rabbits, a cat, a chicken, and a cockatiel, they were well on their way to comparing notes with Noah’s Ark. 
    Arriving at South Bridge Mall well before any sane person would ever contemplate going shopping, they set up shop.  Strategically, they placed animals to advance their plan of attack.  "Kill ‘em with cuteness" or at least trip them with a dog leash.  As the Seniors began to filter in, the dogs, Pevely, Duke, and Gunner quickly assumed their positions--on their back looking for belly rubs, or cocking their head to receive a scratch behind the ears.  Sheldon, the cockatiel, kept sharp watch atop Amy’s shoulder and relayed messages back to the ground crew through Bertha, the chicken, who sat nearby on the table.  The rabbits, Haven and Cuda, stayed low and kept quiet, occasionally twitching an ear or nose to alert the air crew that all was good. 
    The staff themselves had a great time as they talked with the Seniors, laughed about the pets antics, and discussed the benefits of owning and caring for a pet--the increased exercise, added routine to their day, and the joy and smiles brought to their life.  Even Doc spent a few minutes talking with the Seniors in the center court.  After a long morning, they gathered their troops and headed back to the Hospital. 

Many thanks to all our fellow sponsors: Haas Chiropractic Clinic, Edgar Financial Group, Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers, First Citizens National Bank, Pioneer Animal Hospital, Mercy Home Therapy Shoppe and Home Care, All Risk Insurance, Senior Activity Center, PR Connections / Direct TV, Good Shepherd. Walmart Optical and Pharmacy, and Schoneman Realtors.

Hope to see you there next time!